Zabasearch - Free People Search is a Scam or No?

Zabasearch Scam

If you have ever asked yourself 'how can I find my father', 'how can I find my mother', 'how can I find my son' or 'how can I find my daughter', then we will be able to offer you the best opportunity on the web to do just that, we will be able to help you find a parent or child. The very fact that you have arrived at this site means you probably have the need to Locate your Dad, Mother, Son or Daughter. Millions of people in this country are in the same situation as you, and that is exactly why this site was created. Our Database is growing daily and may even have the person you are looking for already registered in the database. Why not view one of our typical Sample Database Entries.

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Searching missing people by Reverse Phone Number overseas is possible via our well established overseas contacts and local agents. We offer a discounted No find No Fee tracing service subject to our terms and conditions of trade . Subject to you having a legitimate reason for lookup the person we will trace the missing person and report back to you normally within 14/21 days. All traces will be carried out fully and strictly in accordance with the target countries laws of privacy and our terms and conditions of trade.

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Look up Zabasearch Reverse Phone Numbers by using Reverse Phone Books to locate a person's name, city, state and street address. Find people and businesses by searching with a telephone number. Search in multiple directories. Locate people anywhere in the United States by using reverse cell telephone numbers.

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Look up email address, personal email addresses, business email addresses, postal addresses, and more. Email search by name also includes the option to confirm the current and historical postal addresses within the report through public utility daTabases.

As you will have discovered at this point there are a number of websites on the Internet that provide people search services. Many people have spent tens of pounds using out of date databases or lack the necessary experience to correctly trace a missing person. Our service is a bespoke investigation service unlike any other on the Internet, it’s that simple. Our principle director is a member of the Association of British Investigators, with over 25 years intelligence & investigation experience. We go that extra mile to assist you in tracing both past and present records, to help you find lost friends and family. There is no free or cheaper up to date US Electoral Roll or People Search tool available in the UK, guaranteed and don’t forget we have a long memory all the way back to 1992! And if you are tracing a debtor we offer a full US tracing service which will access the debtor’s non-public records to trace them to a current address via our full US Private Detective Tracing Service. This people tracing service enjoys a current 2010 succesful tracing record of well over 93% - beat that.
Within 20 minutes we had all the information we needed from your investigators to make contact with my wife's natural birth mother after 41 years! My wife was adopted all those years ago and now she is in contact with her biological mum! Thank you - Mr Johns - Los Angeles Investigators comment: The knowledge we can positively affect a person's life is very rewarding.


Select the first letter of the country you are calling to find out the distinct Country Calling Code. Here you will also get the currency of each country, a currency converter, electricity type, electrical plug type, and even the languages spoken. Phone Cards are also available for every country!

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If you have asked yourself any of the above questions then you may be only a few clicks away from finding that dad, mum, daughter or son. That's because website has the only Free Registration to a searchable database in the UK, and whose sole aim is to reunite parents and children who have not seen each other for some time because of either marital breakdown or an adoption.