Best ip hider 2015

How to easy hide your ip address online?
  • Access your favourite sites and services worldwide
  • Evade hackers
  • Surf privately
  • Can be used on many devices at the same time
  • Customer support when you want it


Today we will talk about how to stay anonymous online. But first we need to know what is anonymity. Firstly, it is the change of ip addresses. Secondly, this change your identity online is the cookies and other information. Third, it's hiding traces of your traffic.

But, how to hide my ip address?

Very simply, this will help you onion routing. Onion routing is a technique for the anonymous exchange of information through computer networks. It came up with the military in the United States. But, all the same, how can I hide my ip address? This can be done through various programs such as ip hider pro, hidemyip, super hide ip, etc. Let's see how these software work. When you try to open a website in your browser, the software to hide ip address redirects you through other computers that are connected to the same network.

How to download the best ip hider software with positive review?

Today there are many programs to easily hide my ip. They are both paid and free. However, free programs strongly inferior functionality paid analogues. We'll help you choose the best ip hider program.

There is a misconception that traffic encryption and anonymity online need only criminals. Anonymity online need a much larger number of people. If today you are browsing your favorite websites securely, then tomorrow the situation could drastically change. For example, if you change the political situation in your country, some sites will be banned. And the people who will visit them, called extremists and would be sent to prison. Even if you have nothing to hide, anyway you need to think about online safety and how to hide all your ip addresses.

What is encryption and how does it differ from the anonymity?

Encryption means that you can share with other people, but nobody except you will not be able to read this information. At the same time, we all know that this is your information. But anonymity is when you share information, but no one can pinpoint your location. Because you have used the service of hide my ip. Accordingly, the anonymity of online provide much harder than encryption.

What is the most reliable way to hide my ip address online?

Universal way to hide my ip still does not exist. For example, Tor browser is not as safe as previously thought. Today topical safer software such as i2p. You should understand that all modern operating systems, running your computers are someone's private property. This operating system is passed out.

There are open-source software. This is when a lot of people together are engaged in the development and improvement of the product. Taking advantage of such programs, you can help the world community to deal with the giants that can transmit the information security services. Companies-giants in turn spread the rumor that free programs are bad, poor quality, and everyone should only buy their product. Actually it is not so.

Also, a big problem for your security, create all sorts of toolbars to your browser. They record all the websites that you have visited and sent to the developer. Most people do not want someone to know what websites they visit. For this you need the ip hider pro software.